The "Package": No manufacter can produce all the equipment necessary for a water network.HYDROSPHERE undertakes the manufacturing, in over 600 factories, of all over the world, all the items in conformity with the required specifications and the best quality/price ratio.

Competitiveness : this global vision of manufacturing, allows us to work with the principle of " who makes what at the best price" for the benefit of the users of the water network.

The customer-driven system : regular visits to our suppliers and customers in order to maintain a satisfactory bilateral relationship between the two parties and have a better understanding of customer needs, help us to fufil special customers demands, more particularly the conception and realization of new items.

Complete pressure pipe systems
( Pipes, fittings, accessories, valves )

  • Ductile iron pipe
  • Steel pipe
  • PVC pipe
  • Polyethylene pipe

Complete house connection systems
(clamps, connection valves, accessories, water meters )

Infrastructure castings
( street boxes, manholes, grattings )

Hydraulic supply of hardware for Dams and irrigation projects
(stabilizing, mural valves, coffer dams, valves)

Water treatment products
( Alumine Sulphate, slaked lime, calcium hypochloride )

Submersible and engine pumps

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